List of Jawaharlal Nehru Fellows

S.No. Name Age Project 2 years period of fellowship effective from
1 Smt. Nirupama Rao 64 The Politics of History: India and China, 1949-1962 Jan. 2015
2 Prof. Mushirul Hasan 64 Roads to Freedom - Prison, Prisoners and the Raj Nov. 2013
3 Shri T.N. Ninan 63 India: The Next Decade Jan. 2013
4 Dr. Harish Khare 65 Governing India in the 21st Century : Reinventing Nehruvian Executive Leadership Model Jan. 2013
5 Prof. N. Khagendra Singh 69 The Land of Gods  and Goddesses Jan. 2012
6 Prof. Babu Mathew 61 Revisiting 'Development' through the Constitutional Paradigm and the Nehruvian vision Jan. 2011
7 Shri Vijay Dutt 63 Whither SAARC 2020 Jan. 2010
8 Dr. Rajesh Gopal 53 Evaluating and Developing a mitigation strategy for maintaining metapopulation structure of tigers in priority landscapes. Sept. 2009
9 Prof. (Mrs.) Poonam Batra 42 Elementary Teacher Education and Social Change Apr. 2008
10 Prof. Ganesan Srinivasan 64 Vignettes in Astrophysics Jan. 2007
11 Dr.(Mrs.) Shubhra Sanyal 60 Impact of Institutional work on the Rehabilitation of Prisoners and the Role therein of Voluntary Services Jan. 2007
12 Prof.(Smt) Pramila Sharma 60 Azadi ke Andolan mein Mahila Patrakaron ka Yogdan Dec. 2004
13 Shri Jai Pradeep Sen 57 On the Architecture of Social-Movement-Towards Theory & Practice in the Struggle for a Place to Live Mar. 2004
14 Professor B.B. Chaudhuri 53 An integral approach for Optical Character Recognition of Compositional-Syllabic Indian Scripts Mar. 2004
15 Professor Dipankar Home 47 Probing Facets of Quantum Entanglement and a reappraisal of Einstein’s struggles With quantum enigmas Jun. 2006
16 Dr.(Ms) Shereen F. Ratnagar 58 The Technological Foundations of Indian Civilization Dec. 2002
17 Dr.(Ms) Reba Som 50 Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhas Chandra Bose: Alternate Leadership Roles May. 2000
18 Shri Jyoti Trehan(IPS) 49 The Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering in the Indian Context:How it impinges on National Security Jan. 2000
19 Dr. Nasir Tyabji 54 Industrial Transformation and Industrial Discipline in India Aug. 1999
20 Prof. N. Veezhinathan 62 The Advaita Vedanta of Sankara July. 1999
21 Prof. K.L. Nandan 66 Modern Hindi Lyrical Poetry and Its Traditions June. 1999
22 Dr. S.K. Chopra 51 Energy Policy For India April. 1999
23 Shri T. Ananthachari 63 India’s Border Problems: A Comprehensive Study Jan. 1999
24 Shri Palagummi Sainath 41 Dalits in India – 1998 July. 1998
25 Shri Jairam Ramesh 44 Understanding the Three Transitions in India June. 1998
26 Prof. Krishna Kumar 46 Partition of Identity Teaching of History in India & Pakistan, A Comparative Study April. 1998
27 Shri C.V. Ranganathan 62 India and China: A Review of Relations over five decades and future prospects Mar. 1998
28 Dr.(Ms) Geeti Sen 56 Iconography of the Modern Indian Women - Visual Constructs and Values Mar. 1998
29 Prof. (Mrs) Neera Chandhoke 49 Equality, Democracy and Minority Rights: The Demands of Multi-Cultural Citizenship Jan. 1997
30 Prof. Dinanath Pathy 54 Renewable Art: A Study of Indian Traditions with Special reference to the Work of the Chitrakaras of Orissa Dec. 1996
31 Prof. (Dr.) Lolita Nehru 50 Interactions Between the Art of India and Central Asia From the 6th Century B.C. to the 3rd Century A.D. (Achaemenid to Kushana Period ) Aug. 1996
32 Dr. Subhash C. Kashyap 67 Parliamentary Procedure- Practices Precedents and Privileges June. 1996
33 Shri Som Raj Gupta 60 Chhandogya Upanisad and Modern Philosophy Feb. 1996
34 Prof. Jnanadeva Maharana 50 Symmetries of the Gravitational Effective Action and properties of Black Holes Dec. 1995
35 Shri Girish Kumar Chaturvedi 58 Brij Ki Lok Sanskriti - A study of the Oral Traditions in brij Culture Dec. 1995
36 Prof. R.K. Kochhar 48 Modern Science in India - A Historical Study in the national and Global Context Jan. 1996
37 Shri V.R. Mani 55 Gopura in Indian Architecture Jan. 1996
38 Dr. (Mrs) Kiran Bedi 45 Prison Reform in India: A case study of Tihar, with its wider implications Jan. 1995
39 Dr. (Mrs) Susie Jacob Tharu 51 Gender, Modernity and Literary Genre: Formulations for a Political Sociology of the Aesthetic Jan. 1995
40 Shri C.V. Ananda Bose 43 Technology Diffusion and Habitat Development Oct. 1994
41 Professor G.N. Devi 44 Violence-Culture, Psychology & Fiction Aug. 1994
42 Shri Kumar Shahani 52 Cinematic Exploration Dec. 1993
43 Shri L.L. Mehrotra 58 SAARC: A Search for New Dimensions Dec. 1993
44 Dr. (Mrs) Rani Dhavan Shankardass 46 Prison and Punishment Nov. 1993
45 Prof. Sankar Kumar Pal 42 Neuro-Fuzzy Expert system: Design and Implementation Sept. 1993
46 Dr. Asok Kumar Das 54 Interaction and Integration of Religious ideas in Akbari Painting Aug. 1993
47 Shri Rasheed Talib 54 The Impact of Modernity of Islam with particular reference to the Newly Independent Central Asian Republics July. 1992
48 Shri Jagdish Rudraya Hiremath 61 The Present Position and Future Prospects, of Indian South Africans July. 1992
49 Shri H. Kanhailal 51 Training of an Urban theatre actor: A series of Workshops Jan. 1992
50 Dr. Suhash Chakravarty 52 V.K. Krishna Menon and the India League 1924-1947 Jan. 1992
51 Dr. T.N. Khoshoo 64 Biomass Energy June. 1991
52 Dr. Om Prakash Kejariwal 46 British Historiography on India in the Ninetheenth Century April. 1991
53 Professor Ratan Parimoo 54 Structural and Iconological Study of Jataka Stories Depicted in Buddhist Art in India and Asia Feb. 1991
54 Prof. Ashish Bose 60 Family Planning in India: Alternative Strategies July. 1990
55 Lt. Gen.(Retd.) Dr. M.L.Chibber 62 Relevance of National Service in India for Defence Development and National Integration Jan. 1990
56 Prof. M.M.S. Ahuja 59 Diabetes Mellitus and its Social Implications in a Development Country Sept.1989
57 Prof. M.A. Viswamitra 56 DNA Structure and Interactions -Studies on Crystallised deoxyolionucleotides July. 1989
58 Prof. R. Balasubramanian 44 Studies on Molecular interactions leading to origin of life Jan. 1989
59 Vice-Admiral M.K. Roy(Retd.) 62 The Emerging Relations between India and the Indian Ocean Jan. 1989
60 Prof. K. Subrahmanyam 60 "Nehruvian vision of Defence and Development Oct. 1988
61 Prof. N. Mukunda 48 Roles and Importance of geometry, group theory and topology in problems of optics, Mechanics, field theory and extended relativistic systems; and also problems at the Foundation of quantum mechanics July. 1987
62 Prof. S.K. Kacker 49 Prevention of Hearing Impairment in Rural Areas (India) with special reference to Prevention of Deafness in Infants and Children July. 1987
63 Dr. K.N. Raj 62 Jawaharlal Nehru and Planned Development of India Jan. 1987
64 Shri Inder Malhotra 56 National Security during the Nehru years Sept. 1986
65 Prof. M.S. Kanungo 59 Genes and Aging April. 1987
66 Prof. Sudhir Kakar 47 The Psychology of Family Relationships in India Jan. 1986
67 Shri G. Sankara Pillai 55 Theatre as an Effective Means for Non-Formal Education in Rural and Tribal Areas July. 1985
68 Prof. Kshitindramohan Naha 53 Structural History as a Clue to the Precambrian Crustal Evolution in Karnataka Jan. 1986
69 Dr. Hari Krishna Paranjape 61 The Evolution of the Indian Planning System. A study in Political Economy Aug. 1985
70 Dr. G. Venkataraman 52 Symmetry and Imperfections July. 1984
71 Dr. D.D. Sharma 56 Comparative Grammar of Tibeto Himalayan Languages Aug. 1984
72 Shri A.K. Bhattacharyya 65 Indian Contribution to the Development of Far Eastern Buddhist Iconography July. 1984
73 Shri P.S. Appu 56 A Comprehensive Survey of Indian Land Reforms Oct. 1984
74 Dr. P.N. Tandon 55 Study of Four major neurological problems in India: Infections of the Central Nervous System, Epilepsy, Head Injury and Nutrition & Brain Jan. 1984
75 Prof. John Barnabas 54 Phylogenetic Systematics Based on Molecular Data sets July. 1983
76 Shri R. Tirumalai 59 Sociological History of the Ancient Townships of South India - The Pandyan Townships. Sept. 1983
77 Prof.(Mrs.) Suma Chitinis 50 The Scheduled Castes in Higher Education Dec. 1983
78 Shri Balan Nambiar 45 Ritual Art forms of the West Coast March. 1983
79 Dr. D.P. Pattanayak 52 North Eastern India - the Regional Realities of Language, Culture and Education in Assam April. 1983
80 Prof. A.R. Verma 61 Science Policy Resolution Role of National Laboratories Oct. 1982
81 Shri B.P. Singh, IAS 40 An enquiry into the adequacy of the Administrative system in Assam - Imperatives for change Aug. 1982
82 Prof. S.N. Misra 46 "Investigations into tribal economic structures and change in India." April. 1982
83 Prof. Jagannath Upadhyaya 60 "Buddhist Tantrik Traditions Principles and Potentialities" July. 1982
84 Prof. N. Balakrishnan Nair 54 Ecology of Biodeterioration in the sea around India with special reference to Timber Destroying Organisms May. 1982
85 Shri T.S. Murty 54 North East India Parameters for A Policy Nov. 1981
86 Shri B.K. Thapar 60 Indus Civilization July. 1981
87 Miss Jaya Appasamy 63 Studies in Indian Art of the British Period June. 1981
88 Prof. S.C. Maheshwari 47 Survey and Synthesis the information in the area of molecular Biology of Plant Development and Differentiation April. 1981
89 Shri C.R.V. Raman 58 Increasing Preparedness in Agriculture for Drought and Flood Prone Areas in the Indian Sub-continent and Neighbouring countries Dec. 1980
90 Dr. N.R. Banerjee 58 Nepalese Art based on the collectiions in Nepal and India Nov. 1980
91 Dr. T.C. Anand Kumar 44 Therapeutic Application of Administering Drugs by the Nasal Route Aug. 1980
92 Dr. Boudhyan Chattopadhyay 51 The Crisis in Eastern India: A System- analytic study of growth under counter-developmental Constrains in a colonial Sterio-type Aug. 1980
93 Shri K.S. Srinivasan 60 Cultural Exchange across the Vindhyas June. 1980
94 Prof. T.R. Anantharaman 52 Rapidly Solidified Alloys Dec. 1979
95 Dr. G.P. Talwar 53 Research on 1. Immunological Approaches to Control of Fertility 2. Promotion of Fertility in Sheep and Cattle 3. Immunology of Leprosy Dec. 1979
96 Dr. T.N. Ananthakrishnan 55 Ecology of Indian Thysanoptera June. 1980
97 Shri Habib Tanvir 56 Relevance of Tribal Performing Arts and their Adaptability to A changing Environment June. 1979
98 Shri Shivendra Sinha 45 Television in India - Its Horizons and Implications Jan. 1979
99 Shri G.H. Keswani 58 Science in India Dec. 1978
100 Dr. A.P. Mitra 51 The Changing Atmosphere: Future Trends and Options for India Sept. 1978
101 Shri K.K. Nair 60 Freedom and Transcendence July. 1978
102 Professor Sisir Gupta 48 India and the Developing World; a Study of Political Relationship since Independence Mar. 1978
103 Dr. S. Ramaseshan 54 The Life and Work of Professor Sir C.V. Raman. Dec. 1977
104 Shri Amrit Rai 56 A Research in to the Origin and Development of Hindustani and an Investigation into the causes of its retardation and bifurcation. Aug. 1977
105 Shri S.R. Rao 54 The Language and Writing of the Indus Valley People May. 1977
106 Dr. M. Malik Mohamed 42 Contribution of Medieval Indian Saints and Sufis towards Cultural Unity and Social Equality Jan. 1977
107 Prof. C.V. Subramanian 52 Ecological Approaches to Environmental Problems in India Sept. 1976
108 Prof. S. Krishnaswamy Ecological Approaches to Environmental Problems in India Aug. 1976
109 Professor R.P. Roy 56 Investigation of the Genetic Mechanisms of Sex Expression in Important Cucurbits and other Angiosperms July. 1976
110 Shri Komal Kothari 46 Folk Heritage of Rajasthan Jan. 1976
111 Dr.(Miss) Romila Thapar 44 The Itihasa-Purana Tradition in Early India Jan. 1976
112 Dr.(Mrs.) Kapila Vatsyayan 46 Gita-Govinda and the Indian Artistic Traditions Oct. 1975
113 Prof. L.S. Srinath 48 Engineering Design Education Aug. 1975
114 Prof. B.R. Nag 43 Electron Transport in Semiconductors Sept. 1975
115 Shri P. Kumaraswamy 44 Electronic Similations of the Hydrology of Tamilnadu Jan. 1975
116 Dr. B.S. Minhas 46 Patterns and Sources of Agricultural Growth in India; Past Performance and Strategy for the Future April. 1975
117 Dr. B.K. Roy Burman 52 Persistence and Change of Tribal Communities in North-East India as An Adaptive Process April. 1975
118 Shri Mani Kaul Cinema-the Crisis of an Art Form Oct. 1974
119 Prof. Govind Swarup 45 Extragalactic Sources and Cosmology Sept. 1974
120 Shri Vijay D. Tendulkar 44 Violence and its Impact on the Themes of the Contemporary Theatre Jan. 1974
121 Prof. C.N.R. Rao 39 Chemical Science and Educational Technology Dec. 1973
122 Shri M. Govindan 54 Archetypal Ganga in the Creative Literature of Peninsular South Oct. 1973
123 Dr. Mohammad Hasan 47 Literature and Society in North India in Nineteenth Century July. 1973
124 Prof. Shyamnandan Kishore 41 A Psychological Analysis of Chhayavadi Poetry Mar. 1974
125 Prof. J.V. Narlikar Investigations of the Relationship Between Physical Laws and the Nature of the Universe Jun. 1973
126 Prof. A.K. Sharma 47 Chromosomes in Relations to Development and Differentiation in Higher Plants July. 1973
127 Dr. H.K. Jain 42 A Study of the Evolving Concepts of the Genetics & their Agricultural & Social Implications April. 1973
128 Dr. Lokesh Chandra 45 Determinative Dictionery of Indo-Japanese Buddhist Iconography Jan. 1973
129 Shri Narendra Shrivastava 42 Designing a New Type Family of Devanagri Script Jan. 1973
130 Dr. S C. Kala 56 A Comprehensive Survey of the Indian Terracottas Sept. 1972
131 Prof. K G Ramanathan 50 Algebraic Number Theory Jan. 1972
132 Shri Haku Shah 37 Tribal Art in Gujrat July. 1971
133 Shri Mohan Rakesh (Deceased 1972 ) 46 The Dramatic World July. 1971
134 Shri Badal Sircar 46 Workshop for a Theatre of Synthesis June. 1971
135 Prof. R Narsimhan 45 Computers and the study of behavior April. 1971
136 Sheri K R Narayanan (Deceased 2005) 50 Jawaharlal Nehru and the Policy of Non- Alignment Dec. 1970
137 Dr. K S Singh IAS 35 Tradition and change in Tribal Society Nov. 1970
138 Shri I Mahadevan IAS 40 The Decipherment of Indus Script Oct. 1970
139 Dr. Anand Krishna 44 The Social and Cultural fabric of Rajasthani Painting Apr. 1970
140 Shri K S Sankhala 44 The Controversial Tiger-A study of Ecology Behaviour and Status May. 1970
141 Prof. Ram Sharan Sharma 49 Material Progress and Social Evolution in Ancient India Apr. 1970
142 Shri Akbar Padamsee 41 Vision Exchange Workshop Apr. 1969
143 Shri Ali Sardar Jafri 55 Sarmaya-e-Sukhan (Urdu Kavya Kosha) Jan. 1969
144 Prof. P Lal 39 A transcription in English of the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad and the Mahanarayana Upanishad Jan. 1969
145 Dr. V Raghavan (Deceased 1979) 60 A Critical Edition from Manuscript of Bhojas Srngara-Prakasa Jan. 1969
146 Dr. C Sivramamurti (Deceased 1983) 59 Natraja in Art , Thought and Literature Jan. 1969
147 Dr. B. N. Goswamy 35 A reconstruction of the styles of Pahari paintings Jan. 1969
148 Shri J Swaninathan 40 The significance of the traditional Numan to Contemporary Art Dec. 1968
149 Dr. Irfan Habib 37 India during the 17th Century-A Study of the Economy and Polity of the Mughal Empire Oct.1968
150 Shri M Krishanan 56 Ecological Suvey of the Mammals of India in the Peninsular Region Oct.1968
151 Dr. Andre Beteille 34 Agraraian Class relations in India -A Sociological analysis Oct.1968
152 Prof. H D Sankalia 59 An Integrated study of the Pre-and Proto Historic Cultures of India Aug. 1968
153 Prof. G N. Ramachandran 46 Protein and Polypeptide Conformation Aug. 1968